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Claudio Vignali started his piano studies at an early age, starting with classical music and improvisation.


Critics rewards him as “a pianist with an extraordinary classic-based tecnique, and a touch full of colors” (A.Tenni), “pianist with a wonderful interpretative power” (Montreux International Jazz Piano Competition).


He won the third prize of what is the most important international jazz piano contest “Parmigiani Montreux International Jazz Piano Solo Competition 2013”, where he had been previously chosen from 10  under30 jazz pianist from all over the world.



Other awards: first prize at “International Jazz Music Competition” in Venice, semifinalist at “Nottingham International Jazz Piano Solo Competition”, finalist and twice winner of the audience award (semifinal and final) at “Chicco Bettinardi”, finalist at “Premio Massimo Urbani” contest.

In the field of classical music, he won the 2011 year edition of the piano contest promoted by “Lions Club di Bologna” with a rich program which included music by Rachmaninoff, Ravel and Bach. In 2002 he is the winner of the “Pio Rocco Zampa” scolarship for young pianist, playing L.v. Beethoven`s and F. Schubert`s music.


He is graduated in classic piano and jazz music with magna cum laude at Ferrara and Andria Conservatory. He refines his tecnique playing with pianists such as: Wonmi Kim , Giorgio Gaslini, Ramberto Ciammarughi and Fausto Caporali (baroque-style improvisation), Fabiana Ciampi and Daniele Venturi.


Regarding his solo repertoire, he played at huge festivals, great theatres and jazz clubs: “Grand Palace Montreux”, “Septembre Musical – VeveyMontreux, during “la Nuit des Pianistes”: 6 jazz pianists e 6 classic pianists selected all over the world, “Teatro Comunale di Bologna”, “Conservatorio di Bologna”, “SoloQui”, “Geneve Piano Festival”, “Piano Solo Filanda”, “Teatro Testoni”, “Oratorio San Filippo Neri”, “Teatro Vivaldi Jesolo”, “Jazz Piano a Villa Smilea”, “Jazz a Mira”, “Altoreno Jazz”, “Tenero Music Festival”(Svizzera) “Dolomiti Ski Jazz”, “Festival Lago di Como”, “Beigua Blues Festival”, “Canovacci Pero Festival”, “Jesolo Spirituals”, “Trasimeno Blues”, “Anzola Jazz Festival”, “Val di Fassa Jazz Festival”, “Muntagn in Jazz”, “Acireale Jazz Festival” . 


In March 2017 and 2022 he toured in Japan. During this tour, he played in great jazz clubs and concert hall In Kobe and Kyoto,  receiving a amazing remarks by Japanese critics.  In November 2017 and he toured in Iceland with several concerts that gave him the chance to be trasmitted live by the national radio of Reykjavik and in April In 2018 a great tour Norway with Hiorth and Principato and again in 2022 He toured in Norway and did masterclass about jazz piano at NLA Music Academy, Norwegian Music Academy and Ronninghen Music School.


He worked with internationally well-known artists such as: Joe Locke, Tiger Okoshi, Dave Weckl, Rob Mazurek, Gretchen Parlato, Shawnn Monteiro, Lucy Woodward (cantante degli Snarky Puppy), Alex Sipiagin, Eivind Aarset, Arne Hiorth, Oddrun Eikli, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Javier Girotto, Tarun Balani, Fabrizio Bosso, Flavio Boltro, Francesco Bearzatti, Torstein Lofthus, Mauro Ottolini, Massimo Manzi,  Andrea Dulbecco, Mauro Negri, Maxx Furian, Fulvio Sigurtà, Achille Succi, Diana Torto, James Thompson and many more.


Regarding his recording, in 2013 he recorded the album “Juggernaut”, a composition of original music made for the English brand “SLAM Records”. The album is well reviewd by the Italian and overseas critic, and listed as one of the best jazz CDs from “UK Jazz Radio London” and “Free Fall Jazz”.


With Tiziano Bianchi and the production of Tiger Okoshi he recorded “Now and Then”,distributed by the Japanese major “Pony Canyon”.

The album is rewarded as one of the best works of 2016 from “Rockambula Magazine”,“Music Coast to Coast”, “Sound36 Music Magazine”; the group partecipated to “Albinea Jazz” opening for Charles Lloyd Quartet. In 2019 he recorded “Relate” with Bianchi and special guest Bill Frisell on guitar.

He recorded “Revert” with Frank Martino, for the brand“Auand”. “Revert” has been awarded as the best jazz album of 2016 by “OndaRock”. Under the production of Daniele Principato, he recorded “Travelling Aimlessly”. In 2015 “Doors and Windows”, with Arne Hiorth and Oddrun Eikli. 

He has been severl times guest at radio shows forecast by Rai, such as “La Stanza della Musica”, “Piazza Verdi” and “Battiti”.

He teaches theory and score reading at the triennial course of choral composition in Bologna AERCO.

He teaches Jazz Piano at the Cosenza Conservatory of Music.

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